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Branding Employee Benefits for Open Enrollment

Many employers have fallen into the trap of surrendering to the negative perception around open enrollment and benefits, not realizing the massive opportunity to stand out as an ’employer of choice’. What if you allocated 5%-10% of your total cost of benefits (e.g. healthcare, dental, life insurance, gym membership) and spent that money on marketing the benefits to your number one customer: your employees? Open enrollment acts as the perfect time to re-invent your strategy for communicating the value, tools, and resources you provide to your employees through employee benefits. 

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5 Creative Ways to Spend your FSA Dollars

The weather is cooling down and the end of the year is approaching us. For many, this means it’s open enrollment season for our employer-sponsored benefits and only a few months to spend the rest of our Flexible Savings Account (FSA) dollars.

Should your company move to a PEO? The 5 questions no one is asking you.

The 21st century HR manager is juggling tasks from all levels within an organization. From manifesting the perfect culture, hiring and onboarding employees, to managing and enrolling employee benefits. HR managers are commonly taking on an impossible balancing act on a daily basis. Realizing the overwhelming amount of tasks expected of HR and the fear of the unknown with compliance, organizations often look towards a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) as the ‘easy button’ to streamline these functions.

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