Health Rosetta

The Health Rosetta Movement.

Jessica Du Bois is one of 150 Benefits Advisors in the country helping public & private employers provide better care for 157 million Americans while reducing health benefits spending by 20-40%.

The Health Rosetta Promise.

Commitment to Complete Transparency

I bring transparency to all levels of healthcare financing. From how I get paid, to how insurance companies and PBM’s get paid, and how providers get paid.

Create a Plan Good for Employers and Employees

I  seek to only implement programs and solutions that seek to improve the plan sponsor’s bottom line, the plan member’s bottom line, and most importantly, the plan member’s health.

Commitment to Valid Outcomes Measurement

Contractual language and outcomes reporting will be transparent and plausible. The end goal is to improve outcomes and quality of care while lowering costs and the ability to do this shall be measured and reported on in a valid, consistent and accountable format.

CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream

An inside look at how public and private employers and unions around the country are reducing their spending 20-40% while improving the quality of care, illuminating the path to follow their successes.
  • Better for your bottom line

  • Better for your employees’ health

  • Better for your employees’ finances

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