Who is your ideal customer? This was the question posed by our Sales Director at our weekly sales meeting at BBG.

As a healthcare consultant it’s a difficult answer. Let’s be real– every company needs to offer employees access to quality healthcare at an affordable price. Me: “Hey, I’ll help anyone!” As I thought of this question throughout my week I listened closely to the business owners and professionals I interact with and changed my answer.

My ideal customer is an executive team who is an early adopter and frustrated with the status quo. It’s an employer who asks the questions, “What is out there that we aren’t doing?”, “How can we have more control of our 10-20% renewals?”. They grasp their fiduciary responsibility as a plan manager and know their healthcare decisions could be the largest factor in the financial and physical well being of each employee on the team.

Looking for a mindset instead of objective qualities is tough. Identifying the ideal client is an interview process. We would rather work with a group of 50 employees who are forward-thinking than 500 employees who accept a renewal year after year because it’s what every else is doing.

Take this saying:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


“Close your eyes and take the renewal today, OR learn to navigate through the healthcare industry and prosper in the years to come.”